Big Stone Marketing was created by two companies founded in agriculture. Big Gain Inc. and Pipestone System came together with a bigger vision to create an elite marketing company that would provide support to their current customers and shareholders as well as to open this service up to other independent producers that may be looking for assistance in order to help them all remain viable for the long pull.

Our mission at Big Stone Marketing is to provide unsurpassed hog marketing services for independent pork producers that result in improving their bottom line and remaining competitive in today’s volatile market environment.

Our vision is to be the premier provider of hog marketing services for today’s pork producer. This includes improved pricing for open market sales, better pricing and terms in hog marketing packer contracts, risk management / forward contracts that meet the producer’s needs as well as assistance in developing process verification programs that keeps your operation prepared for the strict demands that may be required by the customer in the future.

Big Stone Marketing is currently marketing 2 million head of hogs annually from approximately 200 producers located in 4 states. These hogs are sold via the open market and negotiated packer contracts to almost all of the major packers in the Midwest.